Susanne Hays ~ Our Disney Cruise vacation was fabulous!!! Susanne was such a huge help in educating us on the things we needed to do to prepare for the cruise. We can not wait to book our next Disney Cruise. Thanks so much Susanne!!!! =)


Susanne Hays ~ Just returned from a wonderful Disney vacation. Thank you to Susanne Hays for making it possible!


Susanne Hays ~ We just want to thank you SO much for your assistance with planning our trip and all the helpful suggestions.  Everything you told us was spot on.  We had a terrific trip.  The Port Orleans Riverside was awesome.  We were talking with some other guests at the theme parks and they asked where we were staying as they seemed to be seasoned Disney vacationers.  When we told them Port Orleans Riverside they commented that was their favorite place to stay inside Disney.

-Keith Mattox

Todd Breaux ~ I worked with Todd Breaux, no relation to me, when planning our trip to Disney World! Unfortunately, we didn’t book through him.However, he was very informative and professional! We communicatedthrough email, and he replied in a very timely manner! He answered all
of my questions and helped to make my choice of where to stay much easier! I told him that I ended up booking over the phone, and he was
excited that we ended up with a great deal! He even offered to help book dining reservations and help plan our trip!


Todd Breaux ~ We had a magical vacation and a big thanks to our Disney Travel Specialist, Todd Breaux for making it so.  It was absolutely well planned and stress free for all 3 of us. We just had to pack and go. Our resort was beyond what we expected.  All of our dining reservations were splendid. There is so much to do in all of the parks that I don’t feel that we would have gotten to do as much as we did without Todd’s help. He recommended the days to visit each park as well as the attractions to go to first.  We can’t wait until our next visit!

-Paula & Joshua Gentry

Brad Coates ~We just wanted to write you a little note to tell you about our trip and how well it all went.  From the moment we got there it was magical not just for K but for my mom and I as well.  It makes you be a kid all over again.  We all had big smiles as soon as we saw the sign “Walt Disney World-Where Dreams Come True”  … I loved how our agent Brad was so helpful, everything was set up for us. It was amazing and not confusing at all everything was very thought out and perfect!  We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work putting this package together for us.  You were Great!!!!! We told you what would interest us and you listened.  You had great suggestions for    us and you were right on the ball with all of them.  We  would definitely use your services again and we will be telling our friends .

Thank you for the wonderful  Scrap Book Memories!!    

-Schena, Kayla, & Mom

Tricia Horick ~ A friend recommended Tricia to us for our Disney vacation. Tricia made it very magical from the moment I spoke with her. I would take all the advice given by Tricia. Our vacation could have not been more magical!!!!! I have already recommend her to some friends as she was just perfecto at her job and knows Walt Disney World very well! We will definitely book our next trip with Tricia!!!  We are just waiting for next year’s packages to come out!
-The Johnson Family, Quincy MA

Paula Harker ~ We just got back last night from our first family vacation to Disney planned with Paula! We kept hearing people say “a planner isn’t necessary” or “I can just help, I have been plenty of times”. From day one planning Paula knew exactly what would make this our perfect family vacation. While on our bus from the parks back to the resort a family asked us how in the world we got reservations at our restaurant for the night, and it was because Paula did everything in her power to make sure our 5 year old would have the perfect first Disney experience! She went above and beyond with everything! My daughter will never know all the time and thought that went into planning this vacation (it was a surprise vacation). The packing, resort changes, dining decisions, airline tickets, oh my. Having Paula to plan really took so much stress off, so much that my daughter didn’t have a clue until we arrived at the airport! No vacation should be stressful, especially not Disney! Thank you Paula! Can’t wait to plan our next trip with you!!!

-The Sherwin Family

Paula Harker ~50 characters could never be enough to describe the amazing experience we had working with Paula!! She is so much more than “a travel agent”. She went above and beyond!! From answering Every. Single. Question. quickly, accurately, and even at MIDNIGHT when I was Freaking out about fastpasses!! To letting me send her pictures of our children being excited because I just needed to share them with someone who understands!! We hired an agent but gained a friend. Thank you Paula!!

-The Hume Family

Amanda Wilding ~ I thought we could plan our Disney trip for 11 on our own…..boy was I WRONG!!! How could we please everyone with ages ranging 12 months-60 years? Seriously?! BRING IN AMANDA (Wilding)…..what a lifesaver!! You can read and Google everything Disney (don’t do it–you’ll get confused), but there’s nothing that compares to the individualized planning Amanda gave us. Amanda is extremely knowledgeable and a top-notch pro when it comes to all things Disney! Amanda was always available (even at crazy hours of the night) to answer questions and offer her expertise. I mentioned her name so often throughout the planning process, that my 8 year old assumed she was actually meeting us at Disney World:-) We felt so confident when our trip finally rolled around–she had us very well prepared. Amanda helped us create memories we will never forget! We can’t thank her enough! Much love to Amanda–she’s our favorite.

-The Edwards Family

Laura Greco ~  I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a wonderful experience my family and I had at Disney and give a BIG THANK YOU to Laura Greco!! From our initial conversation to our arrival back in Baltimore, every detail was magical! Never worried about a thing and Laura walked us thru every detail. I was celebrating my 50th Birthday and my daughters 11th Birthday. The moment we arrived, we had Birthday Buttons!!  Meal reservations, magic bands, hotel details, baggage tags, explanation of memory maker were all take care of. My luggage even made it from curbside check-in in Baltimore to my room at All Star Movies without me… did that happen….magic of Disney! I even had to add a friend to my room before we went and, with 6 conversations happening at once, and the best game of telephone I have ever been a part of, all the last minute details were handled!  I cant wait to go back to Disney and another fairytale adventure!

-The Jahoda Family

Laura Greco ~ I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you of the wonderful experience I encountered while having Laura Greco plan our recent trip to Disneyland. From the
moment I contacted Laura I felt that I was chatting with an old friend, a helpful knowledgeable one at that, who was eager and happy to assist me in making my dreams a reality. My husband and I were married at Disney World in 1997, and I have personally planned over 50 trips to Florida. When i began planning our Disneyland trip I quickly realized it was very different from Disney World and thaat I needed some guidance. Fortunately for us, a friend recommended Laura and I had no idea at the time what a wonderful jewel she would be!
Laura answered every question with such a courteous, prompt and professional manner that I actually believed she was happy to hear from me each and every time I contacted her! And believe me, I had many questions and contacted her often. Laura arranged our transportation to and from the airport, made our hotel reservations, secured our Disney tickets, and made our dining reservations. Also, during our trip, my husband became ill and Laura was on hand to help me through that crisis even though her part of our trip had ended. She was still working hard for us, doing whatever she could do to assist us every step of the way. Laura has checked on us several times since we have
returned home as well to see how my husband is recovering and make sure everything is okay!
In summary, Laura Greco is not only an outstanding Travel Agent, I feel that she is my friend,mane truly cares about each and everyone of her clients. The professional and cheerful way she handled every aspect of the planning and implementation of our trip was nothing short of superb! I am sure everyone feels that way after traveling with her. She has our business for life for going above and beyond and being there always when I needed her. She has raised the bar to such a high standard it will be difficult for others to follow.

-Cammie Wittmann


Laura Greco – Once again I want to thank you for doing such a great job booking our trip to Disneyland. Christine and I had a wonderful time, and it was nice to know that you took care of everything and all we needed to do was get there and enjoy! I also appreciated you checking in with me to make sure all was going well 🙂